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6 Ways To Comfort The Bereaved

lighthouse in the distance

How do we comfort the bereaved? In one form or another, loss happens to all of us. Even though grief is a common denominator, we can wonder how to help someone experiencing dark days. Years ago, within seven months, I lost two aunts, my mother, and my only child. Here are six ways I found […]

Oil Paint and Relationship Glue

Oil paints

Relationship glue is crafted in the art studio of life. “What did she use this time?” The kind man who cleans my white carpets squats down to inspect the splashed rainbow of glue and paint. “Acrylic and oils.” I show him the finished masterpiece displayed on the easel above the carpet’s danger zone.  He nods […]

Move From Victim To An Abundant Life Today

Three baby swans swimming

Do you rely on others to care for you and provide an abundant life? Like a character in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, or Pride and Prejudice, do you anticipate that your emotional and physical needs will be met through relationship? Even when it is substandard, do you rely on parents or spouse for emotional, physical, and […]

Embrace Healthy Friendships and Maintain a Distance from Toxic Ones

girls who are together in friendship

What do your friendships look like? Who are you choosing to be your friends? If your circle of friends consists solely of people who need to be rescued, and individuals who join you in poor-me pity parties, it’s time to expand your circle. Friendships are healthiest when they include Healthy friendships do not allow you […]

To Improve Your Relationships, Avoid These 5 Rs

Katie Leigh and PeggySue Wells

Do you want to know how to improve your relationships? Have you wished your relationships could be better? Well, the good news is you can quickly improve your important relationships. The vital key is to notice and avoid these 5 Rs. “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace […]