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Celebrate Easter As A Family

Sheep face

Beginning in Holy Week, celebrate Easter as a family tradition. Giggles quickly turned into belly laughs as I crawled on all fours, the preschooler perched on my back. Older siblings emptied the coat closet and spread their jackets on the living room floor topped with palm branches cut from green construction paper. Palm Sunday is […]

Did You Lose Your Faith In The Break-Up

folded hands outdoors

Your faith, did you lose it? When your happily ever after didn’t turn out as you imagined, when 2020 turned the world upside down, people want to know who they can count on. Is there a God and does he see me? Can I trust him? Is he worthy of my faith? These are questions […]

St. Patrick’s Day is All About Forgiveness

four-leaf clover

St. Patrick’s Day, beyond the largest party in Savanna, fountain waters dyed emerald, the wearing of the green, shamrocks, and Guinness merchandise, is a timeless tale about forgiveness in the real life of St. Patrick. Patrick was a wild youth growing up in England when raiders invaded his hometown, destroyed homes and families, and kidnapped […]

When A Baby Dies

hands in the shape of a heart over pregnant belly

I love to say her name, feeling the word on my tongue and hearing the sound. “Violet.” Moving into the fifth month of pregnancy, I was keenly aware that something had changed. There was no butterfly kick. No life-sustaining appetite. No more stretching of seams. The doctor searched for a heartbeat until the batteries in […]

8 Tips for Quiet Time

quiet time with rose with a book

A daily, unhurried quiet time with God sounds awesome in theory. But in reality, life often gets in the way. We oversleep from exhaustion. Or the kids wake early. Or the phone rings.  While Christian women desire to spend regular time with God, often something breaks down between the want to and the get to. […]

Should You Guide Your Child’s Spiritual Growth?

baby sleeping

As a parent, should you guide your child’s spiritual growth? Do parents influence their child regarding faith matters? Or is are spiritual matters a personal issue we leave for our child to decide on their own? Sunday I sat in church with my married daughter, her husband, and my youngest child who is still at […]

Fresh Ways With Valentine’s Day

Roses and I love you note

On Valentine’s Day, and every day, what are fresh ways to demonstrate appreciation and affection for others? More than a feeling, love is an action. First, fill your own emotional tank so you can give from a place of abundance. With your kids, listen to the dramatized story of Saint Valentine in the Adventures in Odyssey episode, The Last […]

How To Find Faith With This Crazy Excellent Resource

Young boy excited about the Bible

I’m pretty fired up about the crazy excellent Bible resource called The Bible Project. My mentor’s millennial son showed The Bible Project’s six-minute video, Heaven and Earth to her and she shared it with me. Wow! This is the clearest explanation of Christian faith I’ve encountered. And this short, visually inviting, and educationally rich vignette […]