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Helping Kids With Migraine Sleep Better

young boy with a headache

Helping kids with Migraine sleep better can reduce Migraine attacks. While Migraine has no cure, the benefits of quality sleep include relief from Migraine pain.  No respecter of gender, culture, or economic status, Migraine attacks can begin at any age. One in ten school children, according to The Migraine, have Migraine.  For children with Migraine, bedtime routines may […]

Got Migraine? Tips to get your life back

Artwerk illustrated profile of a woman

If you’ve got migraines like I do, you long for tips on how to get your life back. As a kid, some of my first memories are of migraine pain. In kindergarten, my mother had to collect me from the school nurse’s office a couple times because I was throwing up with a migraine. If You […]