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8 Tips for Quiet Time

A daily, unhurried quiet time with God sounds awesome in theory. But in reality, life often gets in the way. We oversleep from exhaustion. Or the kids wake early. Or the phone rings. 

While Christian women desire to spend regular time with God, often something breaks down between the want to and the get to. Whether you’re a young mom, empty nester, or work full time, here are strategies that helped others move from want to to get to. 

  1. Start the Night Before – Success begins with planning. That means going to bed on time, setting an alarm, setting the timer on the coffee pot, and gathering your quiet time materials in one spot so everything is ready when you are. 
  2. Put a God Reminder on the bathroom mirror – When does God first enter your thoughts? If God is the first thing on our minds in the morning, we are more likely to make time for Him.
  3. Establish a Quiet Time Signal – Keep a small battery operated candle at your quiet time spot. When it’s turned on, your children know Mom is spending time with God. Teach them to only interrupt in emergencies. 
  4. Pack a Quiet Time Play Box – Fill a plastic tote, box, or basket with special toys your kids. Bring out this collection to keep your little ones occupied only during your quiet time. 
  5. Prepare a healthy snack for early-risers – Your kids may be old enough to occupy themselves for a bit in the morning. Unless they get hungry! Prep a healthy snack the night before they can munch on while you feed on God’s Word.
  6. Implement offensive measures – What are your biggest distractions and time-suckers? My biggest distraction was email. I learned to leave the laptop closed and open my Bible first. 
  7. Busy Hands, Free Minds – Establish ways to immerse yourself in God’s Word when your hands are busy, but your mind is not. Washing dishes, vacuuming, and weeding the garden are opportunities to sing along to praise music, listen to an audio Bible, and work on your Scripture memory.
  8. Fill your Time Pockets – Use those small chunks of time waiting at the doctor’s office or in the carpool line. Determine in advance what you will do with ten minutes here and 15 minutes there.

What do you do to make regular time for Bible study and prayer? What tips can you implement today to enhance your relationship with God? 

Former cultural Christian, Kathy Howard has a contagious passion for God’s Word. With more than 30 years of experience, Kathy has taught in dozens of states, internationally, multi-church conferences, and online events. She has an MRE from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Kathy is the author of eight books and many articles. Kathy and her husband live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. They have three married children, five grandchildren, and two accidental dogs. Kathy provides free discipleship resources and blogs at Connect with her at Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram


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