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How To Find Faith With This Crazy Excellent Resource

I’m pretty fired up about the crazy excellent Bible resource called The Bible Project.

My mentor’s millennial son showed The Bible Project’s six-minute video, Heaven and Earth to her and she shared it with me. Wow! This is the clearest explanation of Christian faith I’ve encountered. And this short, visually inviting, and educationally rich vignette is only the first. The wildly talented staff is rapidly creating of an ever-growing comprehensive library of animated videos that enhance our understanding of the Bible.

This free – yes completely free – resource is created by Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, former skateboarders for Jesus. Though I would bet lunch out that they still ride the wheels outside the office. Their Portland based non-profit utilizes short, animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. These multi-sensory resources outline how to find faith.

Find Faith Through Videos, Studies, Podcasts

Additionally, The Bible Project offers blogs, illustrated posters for visual content of each book of the Bible, and downloadable Bible study workbooks. A read-through the Bible plan conveniently arrives in my email each week with links directly to

My habit is to click to Biblegateway and listen to the passages read aloud while getting ready to begin my day. Along with other participants worldwide, I’m reading through the Bible and viewing supplementary videos on the themes and books of Scripture. Additional resources include blogs and podcasts.

These innovative guys, along with their talented staff, are continually adding ways to find faith. Their goal is to engage people in the Bible. They know that time in Scripture changes people for the better. God’s Word invites us into present and abundant relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus gives the assurance of eternal life in the future.

Faith for All Ages

Beginners to the Bible as well as those who are familiar with the passages will find growth and fresh insights. The Bible Project’s videos appeal to ages five through 105.

Check out the crazy excellent Bible project at The Bible


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