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St. Patrick’s Day is All About Forgiveness

four-leaf clover

St. Patrick’s Day, beyond the largest party in Savanna, fountain waters dyed emerald, the wearing of the green, shamrocks, and Guinness merchandise, is a timeless tale about forgiveness in the real life of St. Patrick. Patrick was a wild youth growing up in England when raiders invaded his hometown, destroyed homes and families, and kidnapped […]

When A Baby Dies

hands in the shape of a heart over pregnant belly

I love to say her name, feeling the word on my tongue and hearing the sound. “Violet.” Moving into the fifth month of pregnancy, I was keenly aware that something had changed. There was no butterfly kick. No life-sustaining appetite. No more stretching of seams. The doctor searched for a heartbeat until the batteries in […]

Self-Care for Moms

girl with horse for self care

What does self-care for moms look like? Rearing our children is every parent’s most important job. To do that well, we need to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. On an airplane, passengers are instructed to put the emergency oxygen mask on themselves first because if they become incapacitated, they can’t correctly […]

Sneak Peak: Homeless for the Holidays

Homeless for the Holidays book cover

“Gladdening and humorous assurance that the best things in life have nothing to do with things.” ~ Richard Paul Evans, number one New York Times best-selling author of 43 books including The Christmas Box Homeless for the Holidays is a delightful read aloud for the family. Here is a sample of the book and the audio version read […]

Sneak Peak: Chasing Sunrise

Chasing Sunrise book cover

Have you read Chasing Sunrise? Chasing Sunrise explores betrayal, friendship, integrity, and the life-changing gifts of love and hope.—Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Get a sneak peak at the adventure novel Chasing Sunrise in these first four chapters. Chasing Sunrise Chapter 1 Captain Michael Northington looked toward the patient’s room. The door […]

Love And Care For The One And Only You

Bunch of lemons

How do you love and care for the one and only you? I gained and lost 350 pounds – 50 pounds for each pregnancy. Doing the math, that equals a higher-than-average maternity weight gain, and seven delightful children. Along with teaching them how to floss their teeth and keep fingers out of their nostrils or […]

Early Nez Perce Business Women

Purple camas plants business women harvest

The Nez Perce business women did profitable business. As I researched for my Call of the Rockies series, I had the pleasure of diving deep into the culture of the Nez Perce tribe. I found it interesting that one of the primary food sources of The People (as they called themselves) was camas roots. But […]