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How Big Is Our Solar System? Make an outdoor model.

Solar system

Looking up, it’s easy to see that the sky is vast. But just how expansive is hard to gauge. Do this activity to see how our size compares within the universe. What do you look like from Jupiter? What does an ant look like from the Mars? Materials To See How Big Is Our Universe […]

The Story Of The Girl Who Wore Freedom

The Girl Who Wore Freedom book cover

By Christian Taylor and PeggySue Wells On the day I was born, France was free.My mother named me Danielleand clothed me in a soft, new dress she made. My father held me up in the open window,so I first heard the sounds of the neighborsin our village of Sainte Marie du Mont.I smelled the salt […]

Five Ponds For Mosey

white goose near poind

Mosey was a tiny ball of yellow fluff the day she came to live at Josiah’s house. “She’s a gosling,” Mama explained. “A baby goose wants to swim every day.” “Weep, weep,” Mosey said. Josiah cupped his hands and Mosey fit cozily inside. Mosey followed Josiah wherever he went. When Josiah sat still, a tired […]