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How To Set Up A Healthy Home Office

home office

How do you set up a healthy home office for optimum productivity? Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s home to work we go. Whether working from home is customary for you, conducive for raising your family, or part of a pivot your industry made to work around extenuating circumstances – like a worldwide pandemic – here’s how to […]

Helping Kids With Migraine Sleep Better

young boy with a headache

Helping kids with Migraine sleep better can reduce Migraine attacks. While Migraine has no cure, the benefits of quality sleep include relief from Migraine pain.  No respecter of gender, culture, or economic status, Migraine attacks can begin at any age. One in ten school children, according to The Migraine, have Migraine.  For children with Migraine, bedtime routines may […]

Does Massage Help Manage Migraine?

deep stairwell

Have you been tempted to try to massage away a Migraine?  According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, massage has proven effective to relieve pain associated with tension and sinus headaches. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows a 30-minute massage can improve the psychological and physiological state of people with chronic tension-type headaches,. But does […]

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

baby sleeping

How much sleep do you need? Are you getting enough sleep? Adults require eight to nine hours daily. Less than seven hours of sleep has an immediate and negative impact on our body. Chronic deficits sabotage health and shorten our life. And your children need regular and adequate sleep. Anything less than these recommendations results […]

Your Emotions Do Not Control You

Two girls standing face to face

This realization that my emotions do not control me was one of the most valuable pieces of information I learned in personal development. Prior to this new understanding, how I felt dictated my life – or at least controlled that period of time until my feelings changed. Emotions are neither good nor bad. They indicate […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Healthy

walking on beach

Feel like a novice when it comes to getting healthy? Then this beginner’s guide is for you. Under crushing responsibility, it’s tempting for the single mom to put our health on hold. After all, we’re strong and have family to care for, career demands, household maintenance, and often those pesky legal issues. However, with balanced […]

Got Migraine? Tips to get your life back

Artwerk illustrated profile of a woman

If you’ve got migraines like I do, you long for tips on how to get your life back. As a kid, some of my first memories are of migraine pain. In kindergarten, my mother had to collect me from the school nurse’s office a couple times because I was throwing up with a migraine. If You […]

Is Your Home Emotionally Safe?

Mother hugging baby boy

Creating emotional safety in your home is one of the most important things a parent can do. The best homes are spelled S-A-F-E. And because parents have the first access to the deepest place in a child’s heart, moms are vitally important in the life of our offspring. Moms who experience significant emotional pain can […]

Love And Care For The One And Only You

Bunch of lemons

How do you love and care for the one and only you? I gained and lost 350 pounds – 50 pounds for each pregnancy. Doing the math, that equals a higher-than-average maternity weight gain, and seven delightful children. Along with teaching them how to floss their teeth and keep fingers out of their nostrils or […]

How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Basket of fresh fruits and vegetables

When it comes to feeding kids, many moms struggle to know how to encourage healthy eating habits because moms don’t have healthy eating habits themselves. Our culture is rife with different methodologies, diets, and ways of eating. So many differing theories makes it hard to know how to have a healthy relationship with food. Take […]